Supporting the healing endeavors of all individuals practicing Reiki in the Midwest

Spring Healing

 May 13, 2012
By Chrissy Jacobs

On Mother’s Day 2012, the Midwest Reiki Community joined up with other Chicago healers, including students from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, to spread some Spring Healing!

CanG8 and Occupy Chicago hosted The People’s Summit in advance of the NATO events in Chicago. A special healing room was designated for moms, activists, anyone and everyone to relax, and to promote some self-care. All healing sessions were free and the healers donated their time.

The other modalities in the healing room were massage, cupping and aromatherapy. Some off the attending healers received Reiki to recharge in between their own sessions!!

Several people experienced Reiki for the first time. They had no idea what to expect and walked away smiling. There were a couple deep healing sessions. One woman decided she is going to learn Reiki and get attuned in order to share it with her autistic son and to continue her own personal growth. Another walked away, glowing, feeling like she could “Dance like a ballerina, like she did when she was a little girl”.

It was a busy day and a lot of love and light was shared and spread.


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