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Tweets of the Week: MRC Twitter Summary

The Midwest Reiki Community tweets daily at @midwestreiki to share information about Reiki in the news, updates on local events, and inspiring articles and posts by fellow Reiki practitioners across the globe. We realize however that not all our members are using Twitter, so to help keep you in the loop we’ll be posting a summary of our tweets from the week to help keep you informed.

MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
Be at Peace: “Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat anytime and be yourself.” ~Hermann Hesse
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
The American Cancer Society has a page on #Reiki on their website. Albeit neutral at best, it’s a start: http://bit.ly/O1ZJda
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
[local events] Awaken to your magnificence at the Lightworkers Midwest Conference Sept 21-23 in Lisle, IL http://bit.ly/TL0nge 
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
Timely, considering the current Chicago teacher’s strike. There’s more to education than the 3 R’s: http://tinyurl.com/7wg4m4p via @ilawton
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
Pilot #Reiki study out of Scotland suggests positive effects on autonomic nervous system: http://bit.ly/OdabIZ | ᔥ @HealthJourneys
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
Thought provoking comments on traditional #Reiki and integration of other elements: RT @lyndalippin Reiki Mishmash http://lygl.me/NL2E9Z
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
Kids having trouble adjusting to back to school? Try a little #Reiki. Other ideas here: http://bit.ly/OSvlOT
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
The @NCCAM fact sheet on #Reiki: http://1.usa.gov/PZe4FM
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
[local events] We love #Reiki but also exploring other healing energies, including Pranic Healing. Lectures Sept 17-19 http://bit.ly/UpTJde
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
[local events] Connect and nurture your mind, body and spirit at the 2012 Holistic Expo in Willowbrook Sat Oct 13 [via ‏@PathwaystoLight ]
MidwestReiki @MidwestReiki
Meditation changes your brain in just 1 month. Imagine how that could improve your #Reiki practice: http://bit.ly/UpSL0u ᔥ @RuthBuczynski

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