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Reiki Light On…Molly Coeling

For those that attend our regular Reiki Shares, you know that the Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) is filled with special people. Each one has a unique experience of Reiki energy and a special story of what it means in their life. In the first of what we hope to be a regular series, we sit down with a member of our community and talk Reiki.

Today we’ll learn what Reiki has meant to one of the founding members of the MRC, Molly Coeling.

Many of you have been blessed to attend a Reiki Share hosted in Molly’s serene home or have met her at an MRC event. She recently started a fundraiser offering Reiki and massage sessions in exchange for donations in order to raise funds to help a single mother she met in the Dominican Republic.

Can you tell us more about this fundraiser you’re doing?
When I was in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic several years ago, I met an amazing woman named Ketty who became and has remained one of my closest friends over the years. I love Ketty because of her strong spirit and because she is the most supportive and understanding friend I could ever ask for. Although she has suffered emotional and physical abuse over the course of her 17-year marriage, she has come out of the situation stronger and more determined than ever. I’ve watched her persevere through the death of a beloved daughter, the birth of another, and the difficult choice to leave her abusive husband. While she raises her daughters in a home filled with boundless love, they struggle financially in the DR’s difficult economic environment.

When I heard from Ketty recently that she and her children had not been eating regular meals, I knew I had to find a way to help. As a recent graduate of the Soma Institute and a practitioner of Reiki, I began offering massage and Reiki appointments in exchange for donations to help this wonderful family.

That sounds wonderful; we love the idea of Reiki being used to help in more ways than one! You’ve done your first and second degree attunements both with Heather McCutcheon, yes?
Yes ma’am!  Level 2 was in January 2012.  And Master Level coming up February 2nd, woohoo!

So can you tell us a little bit about your first experience with Reiki?
My first experience with Reiki was in Heather’s 2-hour chakra workshop. Well, it wasn’t exactly Reiki because all of us (non-attuned) attendees ended the workshop by participating in an experiential piece where we focused on one of our partner’s chakras. I was attending the workshop with my brother, and my reaction to the work he did on my sacral chakra was really intense; I felt overwhelmed with emotions to the point where I almost asked him to stop. I had gone to the workshop with some curiosity and the thought that perhaps energy work would be important to my future massage career. I left with a much stronger interest and excitement and the thought that energy work would be of huge import in my personal spiritual journey — not just another modality to offer clients.

After that workshop, my brother and I signed up for Reiki Level 1; we were attuned in November 2011.

What was your experience like after your first attunement? (e.g. did you notice anything right away; did you go through a chakra cleansing period that was noticeable?)  
During my first attunement, I saw a sort of purple orb that kept coming in and out, sort of like a screen saver, and I also saw something off in the distance that at the time looked like musical notes or Japanese symbols — they were potentially the level 2 symbols or the Reiki characters. During the self-cleanse, I had ups and downs, but overall it brought me consistency in terms of having a regular time to “go within” and consistency in feeling connected. I began to feel more comfortable spending time alone, and instead of experiencing feelings of desperation and loneliness, as had been the case for me in the past when spending quiet evenings alone, I felt at peace and in a place of gratitude and contentment.

In looking back through my notes from that period, I also see that I began to experience clairvoyance/clairaudiance/clairsentience for the first time (or at least I began to notice and recognize these things for the first time). The day after Level 1 attunement, I was on the phone with a customer service rep at the bank, and I heard his name in my head before he told me what it was.

About 8 days into my self-cleanse, I experienced my first migraine headache, and I have not had another in the year since. At the time I thought nothing of it except that it was excruciating and came out of nowhere, but after I talked with my teacher (Heather), I realized that perhaps this was a symptom of “growing pains” as my 3rd eye begins to open — and this goes back to the vivid purple I saw during the attunement (and that I have seen a couple of times since).

Reiki Interview with Molly Coeling

Molly gives a Reiki session during one of of the MRC Reiki Share events held on the beach this past summer

How do you experience the Reiki energy?
Physically, I experience the Reiki energy in various ways, but most frequently it is a tingling sensation in the palms, “hot flashes” coursing through my crown chakra, chest, and arms (like I literally feel the heat of the Reiki channeling through its path). Also, I often feel my hands/arms moving to certain areas on their own, and not infrequently I’ve felt sensations in my own body that tell me where to go on the Reiki recipient’s body.

What’s been your most impressionable moment regarding Reiki?
Oh, goodness, which to choose, which to choose? At one of the Reiki Shares in the park, I had a pretty powerful personal experience. My Dad had passed a little over 3 months prior and I had often had visions of my Dad’s face flash through my mind’s eye. The vision has consistently been of him in his hospital bed, unconscious, weak, and fighting just to stay alive. When my turn came around to receive Reiki, I had a vision of my dad, but this time he was smiling and laughing. I know that he is at peace, but I am thankful to his spirit, to Reiki, to my family and friends, to love, for helping me to see that. Baby steps forward.

Another one was when I was working on a woman who asked me to send intention to her healing as she was dealing with loss around a certain relationship in her life. The woman is in her 40s, but at one point as I was giving her Reiki, I looked at her face and saw the face of what she must have looked like as a teenage girl. After the treatment, she shared with me that the relationship she is mourning ended when she was about 17 years old. It was such a validating experience because this was only a month or two after my Level 2 attunement (so about 4 or 5 months after Level 1), and I hadn’t worked on a lot of people yet. It was exciting and gratifying to literally see healing taking place across time and space.

How do you think your practice of Reiki impact other parts of your life?
Basically, I can best summarize it by saying I feel more quiet and calm yet more alive. And also I feel that my ability to live in accordance with the five Reiki principles has grown tremendously but not because I sit and meditate on them specifically every day.  Instead, I feel that for me the natural result of incorporating Reiki into my life is that I make decisions that result in me acting according to those principles. I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude that I didn’t regularly feel before. I also worry much much less and feel a faith, a confidence, a certainty that I am on the right path and that the Universe will provide me with what I need and that I have the ability to attract into my life what I truly desire (not that I never worry anymore, but there is a marked difference in the amount/frequency of worry and my ability to quiet those worries and flip my thinking around).

A big thank you to Molly for sharing her experiences with Reiki with the rest of us. To learn more about her dear friend Ketty, or to help out, check out the post: A Love Story on Molly’s blog: http://mollycoeling.wordpress.com/


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