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Holiday Reiki Share

December 11, 2012
By Tracey Ostrand

Holiday Reiki Share

This Holiday Reiki share was filled with the energy of new beginnings as the Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) checked out its potential new home at No Sandbox, a combined workshop space and community house just southwest of the Loop. Walking in, we were excited to see that the large open workshop space was filled with art, comfy couches, and amazing energy. The roommates of the house were welcoming and expressed their excitement in finding out more about Reiki and the MRC. There were plenty of cushions, couches, and blankets and after our hugged hellos and some introductions we broke off into a few groups. Heather and Tracey volunteered to give Reiki to the roommates, some of whom were receiving Reiki for the first time, while the rest of the participants formed two small groups for their Reiki exchange.  As the Reiki began to flow we could feel the magic of this special time permeate the room. Not just the energy of the holidays but the amazing energy of the new consciousness–the feeling of possibility, love, union and new beginnings. What a perfect time for us to find our new home!

Holiday Reiki Share At the end of the Reiki exchange we formed a large group again and shared our experiences. A couple of the newbies expressed amazement at what they experienced and were thrilled to find that some physical pain had been released during their treatments. Some clarification was brought to the attunement process and the difference between Reiki energy and the innate healing energy we all possess. In closing it was agreed that the MRC loved the space and that the roommates loved the MRC. Moving forward the dwellers of No Sandbox will be attuned to Reiki by Heather and Tracey and our bi-monthly Reiki shares will be held in the amazing workshop space of their community house. Welcome home MRC!!!


Posing for a group photo in the new meeting space at No Sandbox after the MRC’s Holiday Reiki Share

Featured image credit (shown on home page): Nitwitbrit via Deviant Art


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