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A Reiki Boost for the New Year

January 21, 2013
By Heather McCutcheon

The Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) started out the new year (and the new baktun) with a cozy Share on a cold Chicago night. The group gathered at No Sandbox to meet new friends, reconnect with old friends, hold a meditative circle and exchange Reiki. Lucy, the four-legged resident, was ever-present, greeting newcomers warmly and circulating during the share to observe and lend support. She got some Reiki at the beginning of the night, and then tried to double-dip at the end, taking her place on a mat and looking around to see who would partner with her. As we headed back out into the night, several members of the group expressed their gratitude, saying a dose of Reiki was just what they’d needed.

We hope you can join us on February 2 for our next Reiki Share which will include an  introduction to cranial sacral flow. More information on that event and RSVP available here.

Participants in the MRC Reiki Share of the new baktun included (from left): Tati, Paul, Parrish, Chathan and Duane (front)

Participants in the MRC Reiki Share of the new baktun included (from left): Tati, Paul, Parrish, Chathan, Duane (front), Lindsey and Heather (not pictured)

January 2013 Midwest Reiki Community Reiki Share

Left: Lucy waits her turn for some Reiki    Right: The group poses with our new 4-legged friend


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