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An Amethyst BioMat Adds Extra Warmth to a Cold Chicago February Reiki Share

MRC Reiki Share 2-2-13

February 2, 2013
By Tracey Ostrand

Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) members trickled in as No Sandbox residents Tatiana, Danny, Lindsey, and Eric finished the practice portion of their level 1 Reiki class. They all had deep experiences and were excited to be able to participate in the Reiki Shares moving forward. As the group started to come together we were all a little disappointed to know that the flu had found a home in our cranial sacral teacher Kathleen and that we wouldn’t be learning any new techniques to be practicing today.

But our spirits were soon lifted by our Reiki friend and teacher Tom who brought his Amethyst BioMat for us all to experience. The Amethyst BioMat uses negative ions, infrared rays, heat and the properties of amethyst to assist in healing. We all enjoyed feelings its warmth and energy and none of us wanted to get off of it, but we were good sharers nonetheless.

MRC Reiki Share 2-2-13

We split off into groups of three and gave each other 20 minutes of the yummiest Reiki we could channel. A group of three Masters formed and were excited to practice the psychic surgery technique that is taught at Master level of many lineages here in the west. As we came together again to share we played with the BioMat some more and talked about some of the healing experienced during the sessions. Peter shared his deep experience of movement as Laura performed psychic surgery on his shoulder.

We ended the night with the excited confirmation of regular Reiki Shares scheduled at No Sandbox! Come join us the first Saturday and third Tuesday of every month to grow, share, and expand together!!!!

[Ed Note: We are working with Kathleen to try to reschedule the lecture on cranial sacral flow for March. Stay tuned via our website, Meetup posts, Twitter or Facebook feeds]

MRC Reiki Share 2-2-13


One comment on “An Amethyst BioMat Adds Extra Warmth to a Cold Chicago February Reiki Share

  1. cantrel
    February 7, 2013

    I loved this read. Im interested in getting one of these mats after reading this.

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