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A Reiki Share from the Heart

February 19, 2013
By Jose Lara

It was another bitterly cold night in Chicago as members of the Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) filed in for our Valentine’s inspired Reiki Share. Despite the frigid cold outside, we all were able to easily warm up as the night started off with a group meditation where we sent Reiki energy to our higher selves and MRC. Once on the same wavelength, we broke up into groups of four giving and receiving 15-20 minute Reiki sessions. During the feedback discussions we all pretty much came to the conclusion that we received Reiki in all the right spots at the right time.

Midwest Reiki Community Reiki Share

[From upper left] Carol receives a yummy Reiki treatment; Check out the orb over Cheryl’s heart chakra as Jose and Carol prepare to channel Reiki; The evening started with a group meditation.

After a much needed Reiki Share we were greeted by a lovely 12-year-old turtle named Moshi, reminding us all to slow down in this fast paced world of ours. And to live in the present moment as we try to make every act from the heart.

Midwest Reiki Community | Reiki session and turtle

[From left] Moshi the turtle reminded us to slow down; Danny receives a Reiki session from Tati, Rachel, and Molly.

At the end of the night we all gathered for our usual group photo. Afterwards, we had noticed that there was an orb floating above us and as bright as the moon that really looked almost gelatinous in substance. We tried to debunk this phenomenon by recreating the picture but to no avail. Someone or something else wanted to be part of our loving Reiki circle. And to that, we say, “Welcome!”

Midwest Reiki Community Reiki Share

A group photo from the evening’s Reiki Share. Notice the orb floating in the upper window pane above our heads!


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