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Reiki Light on….Jose Lara

For those that attend our regular Reiki Shares, you know that the Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) is filled with special people. Each one has a unique experience of Reiki energy and a special story of what it means in their life. Our Reiki Light On series highlights members of our community and their experiences as channels of this beautiful energy.

Today we’ll talk with Jose Lara, a new contributor to our blog and oft-seen smiling face at the bimonthly Reiki Shares.

Jose, can you tell us how you first learned about Reiki and how that led to your first attunement?
I first heard about Reiki from one of my massage instructors at the Cortiva Institute in Chicago when I was going through the Massage Therapy program three years ago. I was doing a hands-on practical on him when he told me that I would be really good at Reiki. So, after two and a half years of doing my research, I finally found a teacher that I felt drawn to and could afford.

Who was that teacher? 
Well, the first one who got me started on this path is JR Heiz. He has been practicing for over a decade now. But I have two teachers. My second teacher is Gary Gruenewald who had been an instructor for about 5 years now and attuned me to Reiki II.

So what lineage are you from?
The lineage that I am practicing is the Usui Shiki Ryoho Natural System of Healing.

Can you recall your first attunement? Was it memorable for you?
I would have to say that the most powerful experience I have had would be my first attunement. After the attunement I felt slaphappy and this sense of euphoria. I could also almost feel and see my aura all around me as gold color and stronger than before. I got physically hot on the inside to the point that I practically started sweating a little bit. And my hands were so tingly and they felt like I had a warm glove on. I didn’t expect such a strong reaction to the attunement.

Reiki Interview with Jose Lara

Jose prepares to channel Reiki at a recent MRC Reiki Share event

Now when you channel Reiki, how do you experience the energy? 
I experience the flow of Reiki as tingling in my head and face, specifically around the third eye chakra. I also get a subtle flowing sensation through my arms. I don’t really get too much feeling in my hands until I am done with the treatment, then they sometimes feel a bit tingly. There are times when I get really hot, but that’s after I have given a few treatments. And sometimes I don’t feel anything at all.

As you’ve practiced Reiki on others, have you had any notably powerful experience either relayed back to you by the person receiving Reiki, or that you noticed while giving Reiki?
Since I have started practicing Reiki I have had one person have an emotional release right at the end of the treatment. I can almost feel the blockages being released that caused this reaction.

Do you have a daily self-practice?
Yes, I do daily self-treatments. Sometimes I do it in the morning to give me that boost of energy or motivation for the day. Other times I do it at night when my day is over to clear away any unwanted energies that I may have picked up from my environment or any clients that I may have seen that day.

Do you practice any other forms of energy work?
Yes, another form of energy work that I do is called the Crystalign Method which is a form of energy work developed to access, shift and give clarity to important life issue. I also do Crystal Healings as well.

Have you noticed if Reiki has had an impact on your Crystalign Method work or Crystal Healings?
Reiki has really complemented them by allowing me to use Reiki with these other forms of work which, I feel, gives the sessions a bit of a boost.

Finally, can you tell us what your experience being part of the MRC been like?
My experience with MRC has been extremely wonderful. It is such a welcoming group. Everyone is so nice and inviting. Of course the work that we do on each other is just great too. Its always nice to get Reiki work done on you. I have to say that this is the most active group that I had the privileged of being a part of.

Many thanks to Jose for sharing how Reiki is part of his life. In addition to being a Reiki practioner, Jose is also a Licensed Massage Therapist with specialties in Clinical Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. You can schedule Reiki or massage therapy sessions with him via his website at Jose Lara LMT.


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