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Cranial Sacral Flow Begins with the Breath

March 2, 3013
By Paul Duffy

Upon entering the meeting place, each guest was gently welcomed by Lucy, the wonderful, Reiki-loving dog of the Sandbox. The Sandbox studio had taken on another incarnation for the evening’s Reiki Share, with Tati confirming that artistic enthusiasm meant the place rarely looked the same on any three successive days. Regardless of how it might appear on the surface, however, it remains an open and nurturing space, mirroring the nature of the people who gather there.

The group was lucky enough to have Kathleen Aharoni of Water Over Stone to share her very personal insight into Cranial Sacral Flow. The red cushions had been laid out in a circle and when those present had found their spot for the evening, the session began by sending energy to the Midwest Reiki Community (MRC). Tracy then introduced Kathleen to the group and after a short verbal introduction to Cranial Sacral Flow, the assembled were gently taken through a series of exercises to develop their understanding and appreciation further.

Kathleen Aharoni speaks to the Midwest Reiki Community about Cranial Sacral Flow

Kathleen Aharoni speaks to the Midwest Reiki Community about Cranial Sacral Flow

As Kathleen led the evening, it became apparent how and where Cranial Sacral Therapy shares a common approach with Reiki. The very first exercise involved turning the focus inward; how can we understand our interaction with others if we don’t know ourselves?

“Cranial Sacral Flow begins with the breath … simply breathe … slowly you will notice that there is no pause in the breath … the in and the out flow into one another … one single breath … align that breath inside of yourself … observe as it moves through your body … just observe without expectations … what do you notice? Colors, thoughts, images, sensations, sound? What shape does it take? What do you feel? Is there an emphasis on one side over another; left over right or right over left? … just be with it.”

It begins with the breath, but it moves on from the breath. After each exercise, Kathleen paused proceedings so that everyone had an opportunity to either offer their own experiences and recollections (such as the one in italics, above) or to reflect privately. Nothing was hurried and individuality of experience was acknowledged and respected.

Kathleen Aharoni speaks to the Midwest Reiki Community about Cranial Sacral Flow

Kathleen (far left) demonstrates one of the exercises on Tracey

As the exercises progressed, the focus slowly moved from the individual towards the group as a whole and prominent were the concepts of interaction, containment, and the degree to which this needs to be about the person being helped. When questions were asked of Kathleen, she was able to call on other elements of her training, such as those of Feldenkrais, to articulate a point or to convey her own interpretation of an experience.

With so much to learn and to share, it was nearly 5:30 pm before anyone realized the time. As Kathleen regretfully made her farewells, the group broke into pairs for the final half hour to explore their understanding a little more.

Reiki Share

Pairing off for Reiki sessions and practice with some of the new exercises learned earlier in the evening

After the group photo session, in which Lucy attempted a reverse photobomb, a few farewells were said but for half of the group the evening continued a little longer. Molly had found a lovely Middle Eastern Cuisine restaurant, Baba Pita, a short walk from the Sandbox. Good food was introduced to bad jokes and conversation found a warm place to get comfortable. When the evening finally ended, farewells were said, hugs gave everyone nice chemicals and it felt good to be a fuller person, in all senses.

Midwest Reiki Community group photo

A group photo before heading out to share a bite to eat; that’s Lucy just off to the far right


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