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Reiki News [March 22]

At the Midwest Reiki Community, we love social media as a tool to spread the word about Reiki around the world. We tweet and pin regularly to share information about Reiki in the news, updates on local events, and inspiring articles and posts by fellow Reiki practitioners across the globe. We realize however that not all our members are using social media, so to help keep you in the loop, here’s a summary of things we thought were interesting this week:

» Our next Reiki Share on Saturday, April 6 is sure to sparkle! Member Jose Lara will be teaching us about communicating with crystals and how to use them to enhance our healing sessions prior to our regular practice.

» Looking to start or boost your home meditation practice? MRC member Gina McLaughlin provides her thoughts on this online-based 21-day meditation challenge brought to you by Oprah and Deepak Chopra | via Counting the Leaves.

» Think green! This past week we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of spring. Green is also the color of the heart (anahata) chakra. Learn how to heal and strengthen this gateway to the soul | via Chakra Healing.

» Lift your spirit and heal your mind with meditation, chanting & live music at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga on March 23.

» Curious about the Akashic records? What are they and how can you access them? Join Tracey Ostrand this Saturday to find out at her workshop Learning to Read the Akashic Records; Saturday, March 23

» Have you or someone you know been sitting on the sidelines? For those who are ready to experience the joy of being a Reiki channel, register for Reiki Level 1 Training: A Game Changer with Heather McCutcheon and receive your first attunement; Saturday, March 30

» If you haven’t experienced All Love energy yet, put this on your calendar: All Love – The Infinite Heart. It’s an incredibly beautiful organic and healing energy reminding us of our direct connection to oneness. Facilitated by Tracey Ostrand on Saturday, March 20.



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