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Spring Equinox Reiki Share

March 19, 2013
By Anne Paulson

Midwest Reiki Community Spring Equinox Reiki Share

Stephanie shares Reiki healing energy with Chaitan

After months of hearing about Midwest Reiki Community (MRC), Tuesday night was my first experience sharing Reiki with this Chicago crew at No Sandbox Studio. I was very excited to meet the gang and play with Reiki light.

The biggest draw to MRC for me was connecting to a community of people who are excited and inspired to share openly the power of Reiki in a very loving and welcoming space. No Sandbox Studio provided an open, relaxed, healing, and sacred space. I instantly found myself at home and at ease with the group that had gathered.

Through my own work as a yoga teacher I’ve come to recognize the healing power of community. I’m a firm I believer that healing happens exponentially when people are in community—mainly because it is through the sharing of gifts and the reception of gifts that we grow and are inspired to connect on a deeper level to ourselves and all our relations.

Midwest Reiki Community Spring Equinox Reiki Share

LEFT: Talking over Reiki experiences. RIGHT: Anne channels Reiki energy as she begins a session with Ingrid

Tuesday night was what I would call a “Beauty Moment.” Here we all were playing with our hands and opening ourselves up to connecting not only to the divine universal power of Reiki, but to each other (whether we had known each other for years or had just met 15 minutes ago). It didn’t matter how long we’d been practicing or what level each of us had been attuned to, the divine magic of each of us was sparkling and the space felt vibrant with life-loving energy.

After our shares, it was evident that each of us had felt the beauty of Reiki as we talked about how we felt the warmth, the electricity, and the beautiful experience of feeling held and supported through the Reiki shares that we each had.

Chicago is lucky to have MRC and I’m in awe of how much love and support the MRC offers to all Reiki practitioners no matter where they are in their journey. No need to be nervous about coming to one of these group gatherings because you will be welcomed with excitement and encouraged to explore your own Reiki gifts. Thank you MRC!

Midwest Reiki Community Spring Equinox Reiki Share

A group photo of the sparkling Reiki lights who attended our Spring Equinox Reiki Share. BACK (left to right): Ada, Heather, Chaitan, Brett, Debbie, Carol FRONT (left to right): Tati, Ingrid, Peter, Anne, Stephanie


2 comments on “Spring Equinox Reiki Share

  1. yoganne
    March 26, 2013

    Reblogged this on yogAnne.

  2. mcoeling
    March 26, 2013

    Anne, this is a beautifully written and uplifting post; thank you so much for being a part of the MRC!

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