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Reiki News [April 26]

At the Midwest Reiki Community, we love social media as a tool to spread the word about Reiki around the world. We tweet and pin regularly to share information about Reiki in the news, updates on local events, and inspiring articles and posts by fellow Reiki practitioners across the globe. We realize however that not all our members are using social media, so to help keep you in the loop, here’s a summary of things we thought were interesting this week:

» Daily life can be a struggle for suffers of chronic–but poorly understood–diseases such as Interstitial Cystitis or other pelvic pain disorders. Working with Reiki can often alleviate symptoms, promote healing , and provide comfort when traditional medicine seems to offer no help.

» “Be still. Be empty, and listen with all your being. The mindset of a practitioner supporting someone after trauma is presence rather than action.” Wise tips for both organizers and volunteers to remember when supporting trauma relief efforts using Reiki.

» A little astrology lesson on eclipses and their focus on inner healing.  Our current eclipse period  is a bit unusual period with lunar eclipses (April 25/26 and May 24/25) bookending a solar eclipse (May 9/10). This  “…indicates a lot of emotional healing will be going on over the next month for a lot of people.”

» Everyone has the ability to see auras. You just need practice, patience, and this step-by-step approach.

» If you’re drawn to work with healing energy, you may be more empathetic than you realize: 5 tips to help you protect your energy from that of others.



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» APRIL 27: Open to the universal, unconditional and infinite love that you already are with All Love – the Energy of the Infinite Heart [Chicago]

» MAY 9: Celebrate the new moon, at time to look within, with an Earth Gong Vibrational Healing offered by Reiki Master Oliver Seay [Evanston]

» MAY 11: For a more traditional way to lend your hands to benefit our community, sign up for Chicago River Day and help repair nature trails, remove harmful invasive plants and clear away garbage and debris from riverbanks. [Chicago]

» MAY 18: Are you or someone you know ready to take healing back into your hands? Experience the flow of Reiki through you for life with Reiki Level 1 Training: A Game Changer taught by the MRC’s Heather McCutcheon  [Chicago]

» MAY 18-19: Learn more about sustainable green living to help you make more conscious life choices at the Chicago Green Festival [Chicago]

Image Credit: Unknown. If you are the original creator of this image please contact us so proper credit can be attributed.


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