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10 Ways to Improve Your Reiki Practice

10 Ways to Improve Your Reiki Practice | Midwest Reiki Community

Reiki is a practice; and as with other practices, the more we work with it, the more benefits come to us. Here are 10 ways to grow in your ability and confidence channeling Reiki energy for you to explore:

1. Start with Yourself
If you haven’t already, begin and maintain a daily Reiki self-practice. Practicing on yourself improves and strengthens your familiarity with how you uniquely channel Reiki energy, helps keep you well, and gives you increasing confidence in the benefits Reiki can bestow.

2. Share
Offer to share Reiki energy with others every chance you get. That might be with your pets, family members, friends or by attending an organized Reiki Share. Ask for feedback on what the experience was like from others (Fido might not be so chatty, but pay attention to his body language and he’ll tell you a lot). Practice is the single most important way of improving any skill.

3. Meditate
Adding a regular meditation practice to your life offers a host of benefits for both you and your Reiki practice. Learning to connect with your authentic self and how to not attach to the endless thoughts racing through your mind allows you to more effectively open up to source energy.

4. Practice compassion
Reiki is an energy of love, and the more you open your heart to our true universal oneness, the more naturally you will be able to hold loving space for others.

5. Trust your intuition
There is no right or wrong in Reiki if you are operating from a space of love, compassion and respect. If you feel called to change the order of the Reiki hand positions you were taught, or come up with entirely new ones, try it! Each of us channels Reiki energy a bit differently, so you will be most effective if you’re being truly you.

6. Keeping learning
Your teacher taught you all she knew, but that doesn’t mean that’s all there is. Different teachers have different perspectives and approaches, some of which may resonate more with you than others. Check out a few books on Reiki to see if there is a unique nuance you hadn’t heard before; and if nothing else, it’s a great refresher! [for some Reiki books we think are really great see our library]

7. Eat healthy
Remove potential toxins in the form of GMOs and processed foods from your diet. Begin to pay attention to which foods make you feel vibrant and alive and which leave you dull and lifeless. If you feel good, your own energy will be strong, allowing you to more effectively care for yourself and others. For added benefit you can also send Reiki energy to your food and water before consuming.

8. Be one with nature
Get outside on a regular basis.  Feel the energy of the trees, water, sun, and air around you.  Ground yourself into the earth.  Find a quiet space to sit and meditate or give Reiki to yourself, or incorporate moving meditation or Reiki into a walk through the park or a jog along the lake.  Feel the vibrant energy of nature around and within you.

9. Remember the five Reiki principles
And, just for today, live your life in accordance with them. Do not worry. Do not be angry. Do your work honestly. Treat all living things with respect. Be grateful. Remind yourself to do these five things every day. You might want to print a copy of the precepts out, frame them, and hang them on your wall. Meditate on them daily as a way to center yourself and incorporate these foundations of Reiki in your daily life. To get you started, we’ve created this 5″x7″ version of the precepts for you to download, print, and frame for yourself:

10 Ways to Improve Your Reiki Practice | Midwest Reiki Community

Click the image above to download this copy of the Reiki precepts you can print for yourself.

10. Spend time with “Reiki people”
It is a proven fact that the habits of those around you have a direct impact on the habits you choose to keep. Don’t know any “Reiki people?” Attend a Reiki Share or other Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) event. Organizations like the MRC help you to reinforce your own Reiki practice by interacting with other like-minded individuals (and you may make a bunch of great new friends in the process). If there isn’t a organized Reiki Share in your area, consider getting in touch with your teacher or other students who you were attuned with to talk about your experiences, or join a virtual community. Our MRC Facebook group is a great place to start.


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