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May the Force [of Reiki] Be With You

May 4, 2013
By Paul Duffy

It was an auspicious day for a Reiki share—Star Wars Day, May the 4th—and the force was with us. We had to rearrange venues at short notice but that didn’t deter the group, albeit a mini group, from assembling at ‘Chez Paul’ for a simple share.

May the Force [of Reiki] Be With You | Midwest Reiki Community

Chaitan provides a Reiki treatment for Duane

With two regulars, one occasional and two newbies, it was a lovely blend of people, as it always is. We were sad that Tracy was unable to join us after a troubled journey but she was with us in spirit as Chaitan led proceedings. We began by working with Sarper. New to Reiki and not yet attuned, Sarper had some experience with energy work and is keen to learn. Duane, Ruth, Chaitan and Paul teamed up to offer him a short Reiki experience and offered thoughts and guidance on how best to further his journey. In return, Sarper kindly acted as the day’s photographer while the remaining members of the group paired up for the second half of the share.

May the Force [of Reiki] Be With You | Midwest Reiki Community

Sarper gets a special Reiki treatment from the group

Experiences were exchanged and smiles were broad as we said farewell on Star Wars Day. Unsure if we used the force or the force used us, it remained just as warm and open as we have come to expect from this group of people that simply like getting together to give what they can.

May the Force [of Reiki] Be With You | Midwest Reiki Community

Paul relaxing while receiving lots of Reiki energy from Ruth


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