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Reiki News [May 17]

» Are you uncomfortable in large crowds? Have you been called “overly emotional” or “too sensitive”? Are you afraid of emotional intimacy? You’re not crazy, you just may be an emotional empath.

» “Consciousness, spirit and soul exist and are eternal. The brain is a reducing valve and limits consciousness significantly on this side of the veil.” A neurosurgeon discovers oneness with the divine creative source though a near-death experience. | via @NAChicago

» 5 simple habits that can be used to create peace, intimacy and connection in any relationship. | via @LivelyTherapy

» Looking for a simple and straightforward way to help you explain the benefits of Reiki? Here’s a nice list to get you started.

» Get inspired by how this Chicago-born woman handles extreme isolation and weather in the wilds of Alaska. We love the one tool she says she can’t live without.

» While we’re partial to Reiki, it’s not the only energy healing modality out there. Read this interview with renowed author and healer Donna Eden and try her energy medicine technique if you’re feeling drained to see if it doesn’t perk you right up.

» Thoughts on the differences and similarities between Reiki and Spiritual Healing.

» The force was with us at our May 4 Reiki Share. Read Paul Duffy’s great write-up and check out photos from the event. Hope to see you at our next one on May 22!



Reiki Share:
Come for an energy boost for yourself and to practice sharing Reiki with others in our new welcoming space courtesy of Urban Escape Healing» RSVP


» MAY 18: Are you or someone you know ready to take healing back into your hands? Experience the flow of Reiki through you for life with Reiki Level 1 Training: A Game Changer taught by the MRC’s Heather McCutcheon  [Chicago]

» MAY 18-19: Learn more about sustainable green living to help you make more conscious life choices at the Chicago Green Festival [Chicago]

» MAY 31-June 2: The Chicago Whole Life Expo returns this year with speakers,  holistic exhibitors, entertainment, and leaders in the green and sustainability movements [Schaumburg]

Reiki News: May 17 Edition | Midwest Reiki Community
Image Credit: Unknown. If you are the original creator of this image please contact us so proper credit can be attributed.

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