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MRC Reiki Shares Find a New Home

May 22, 2013
By Neale Baldyga

Midwest Reiki Community Reiki Share

Glenn and Neale in front of Urban Escape Healing, the new home for MRC Reiki Shares

Warm and muggy to begin the day, it cooled off immensely as the evening began to fall. It was the first step to a great partnership for me as I welcomed Midwest Reiki Community into my new and soon-to-be-open Urban Escape Healing Studio. Since it was a new location, we waited a few extra minutes for people to roll in before we got started. Heather was present and did a great job in facilitating the flow of the evening. There were six of us to begin with: Heather, Kathy, Duane, Glenn, Jmz, and myself.

Glenn led us in a great opening meditation as we held hands and created a strong energetic bond. For me, one of the coolest things about this Share was that I hadn’t met anyone before that night except for Glenn. We had more than enough space to spread out across the floor and put two mats down, breaking into groups of three. I shared energy with Duane and Jmz while the other three paired up. Stephanie showed up once we started and joined the other group.

Midwest Reiki Community Reiki Share

LEFT: Kathy and Stephanie practice treating Glenn with Reiki energy   RIGHT: Neale and Duane share Reiki with Jmz

Many times, as practitioners and empaths, we forget to get work done on ourselves. It feels so good to work on others and make them feel balanced, that we constantly heal externally. This is why Shares are so important for our own energetic well-being. It felt good to exchange energy and healing in the space as the vision of the place includes building community and teaching people how to heal themselves. Ideals that the Midwest Reiki Community shares.

As we finished up working on each other, we got into another circle and shared our experiences. Some people saw far away lands, visualized more colors than usual, released blockages, and almost fell asleep. I would say all-in-all it was a very successful experience. On another note, many of the practitioners were new to Reiki (a month or less since attunement) so it feels good to welcome some new blood into the community! From myself and Urban Escape Healing Studio, welcome to the family as I believe that a lot of energy will be exchanged at this space. Namaste!

Midwest Reiki Community Reiki Share

BACK: Neale, Heather, Duane    FRONT: Stephanie, Kathy, Jmz (Not pictured: Glenn)


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