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Reiki News [June 15]

» Wondering what it’s like to combine Reiki and essential oils? Read about how MRC did just that at our last Share.

» Using Reiki to help with fertility planning: “…although there are no scientific studies on Reiki in the treatment of fertility, infertility is a medical crisis for a couple, impacting every aspect of their lives and wellbeing.”  | via @RelaxintheAttic

» Do you want to incorporate the use of a pendulum  with your Reiki practice? Learn the basics of pendulum dowsing for beginners.  | via @LoveLightSchool

» The science behind the relaxation response: one of the  primary benefits behind yoga, meditation and  Reiki.

» It’s road trip season — protect yourself, and your vehicle with Reiki.  | via @ReikiRays

» Louise L. Hay reminds us that we are all good enough and provides an exercise to help let go and relax.  | via @HealYourLife


MAY22Reiki Share
Celebrate the cusp of summer with us at our next Reiki Share on Wednesday, June 19. RSVP to join in the fun and share your light!

JUNE22-23Hands to Hearts
The MRC loves to share Reiki, especially for a good cause! Several of our members will be volunteering at this year’s Stand Down event put on by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Only 1 volunteer spot is left, but you can add your name to the waiting list.


» JUNE 21: Experience All Love energy — an amazing tool that can assist us in moving into the love and oneness that is our true home. FREE  mini workshop [Chicago]

» JUNE 22-23:  Because you’re seriously going to love the All Love energy, plan on participating in the full weekend event following the free intro workshop. [Chicago]

» JUNE 22: Curious about the chakras? Want to know what they could be saying about your energetic, physical or emotional health? Then don’t miss the experiential workshop: Intro to Chakras [Chicago]

» JUNE 29: Ready to take healing back into your own hands? In this one-day class, you will be able to channel Reiki life force energy to enhance your body’s own healing mechanisms and improve your quality of life on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki Level 1 Training: A Game Changer [Chicago]

» JULY 3-5: Experience the gentle peace of Amma, “The Hugging Saint” [Elburn, IL]

» JULY 5-7: This yoga/dance/music festival celebrates the devotional path: Bhakti Fest Midwest [Madison, WI]

Reiki News: June 15 Edition | Midwest Reiki Community
Beautiful calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh. Prints available at the Shambhala Sun online store

At the Midwest Reiki Community, we love social media as a tool to spread the word about Reiki around the world. We tweet and pin regularly to share information about Reiki in the news, updates on local events, and inspiring articles and posts by fellow Reiki practitioners across the globe. We realize however that not all our members are using social media, so to help keep you in the loop, every week we create a summary of things we saw on the web we thought were worth sharing with you. Be sure to subscribe to our blog via email or your favorite RSS feeder so you don’t miss a thing!


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