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Westward Expansion

What happens when a member of the Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) moves out west? The seeds of the MRC are carried with her, and after collaborating with a few like-minded souls, a sister chapter to the MRC is born.

Boulder Reiki Community

The logo of the newly formed BRC

Boulder — with a reputation for granola munching, organic yoga practicing, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, alternative health-seeking  hippie-type folk, surprisingly offered relatively little in terms of established Reiki communities. Missing the camaraderie of the MRC and the opportunity to regularly practice, share and learn from its members, Gina (an MRC founding member), who moved to Colorado in the fall of 2012, realized Boulder needed its own MRC [or perhaps more accurately, she needed an MRC in Boulder]. With the blessing and encouragement of the other MRC founding members, she began to seek out other Reiki practitioners in the area who would be interesting in replicating the MRC out west. The Universe connected her to Jen and Serin, both transplants to Boulder as well, who longed to connect with other Reiki channels. Together, and with great help and support behind the scenes from the MRC, they formed the first MRC sister chapter.

The Midwest Reiki Community expands westward

LeRoy receives Reiki from Nina and Sonja at the inaugural Share of the Boulder Reiki Community

The inaugural Share of the Boulder Reiki Community

The golden Buddha head watches over Gina as she shares Reiki energy

Brought to life on June 19, 2013, members of the newly formed Boulder Reiki Community (BRC) gathered for their first Reiki Share. A small group met in a serene space in downtown Boulder replete with a statue of Ganesh (Lord of Beginnings and remover of obstacles) and a modern embossed brass Buddha on the west wall. After introductions in which Reiki and other energy work experience was shared, lavender oil was applied to palms and the first recipient laid on a yoga mat in the middle of the room. The remaining four participants connected with their higher selves to allow Reiki energy to flow abundantly through them and benefit both giver and receiver. In turn, each received the gift of Reiki from all gathered, and remarked at the beautiful sense of peace the Share had brought them.

Boulder Reiki Community: A westward expansion for the Midwest Reiki Community

Sonja uses Reiki to help ground Nina’s energies at the first Boulder Reiki Share

With the formation of the BRC, an umbrella organization has been created — Global Reiki Communities — which not only works to encourage inter-chapter interaction and the creation of more Reiki Community chapters worldwide, but also to connect and support all Reiki channels in virtual community.

Global Reiki Communities is formed

Global Reiki Communities serves to connect local chapters

This new development won’t change your local chapter much, but in our virtual community you’ll see Global Reiki Communities acting as a source of education, inspiration and connection for all chapters. And to continue to keep everyone connected, you’ll be seeing a new website and blog roll out soon. We’re excited to share these changes with you and welcome all suggestions on how we can continue to make your communities of more value to you.

So keep your eyes peeled for these enhancements and in the meantime, join us in sending lots of Reiki love to the new Boulder Reiki Community!

If you’re in the Rocky Mountain Region, be sure to connect with the Boulder Reiki Community via Meetup or Twitter


One comment on “Westward Expansion

  1. Heather McCutcheon
    June 26, 2013

    Beautiful! Welcome to the family. =o)

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