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Yet Another Reiki Miracle

Yet Another Reiki Miracle | Midwest Reiki CommunityJune 19, 2013
By Heather McCutcheon

It was an unusually small group at the June 19th Reiki Share, but sometimes the best gifts come in the smallest packages.

Midwest Reiki Community (MRC) Reiki Share regular Stephanie and I greeted newbie Dave, who drove in 90 minutes from the northern ‘burbs to join us. So we started as three, but about 10 minutes in there was a timid knock on the door. A young man came in and thrust his Reiki certificate at me as a means to explain his presence. We discovered Marcin was attuned to Reiki in Poland, and has been in the U.S. less than a year. “My English will get better,” he said shyly.

Reiki needs no language. We invited him to join and split into two groups of two. I worked with Marcin, first channeling Reiki for him, and then, at the switch, pointing to my left knee. I play competitive beach volleyball and have struggled with injuries for years. The previous weekend I’d limped off the court and had had trouble standing up and going up and down stairs since. I feared I may be out for the season.

Yet Another Reiki Miracle | Midwest Reiki Community

Receiving a powerful healing session of Reiki from Marcin.

Marcin did his thing, working his way down to my knees, and spending several minutes on my left. I felt the power of his Reiki early on, and when he got to my knee I had the distinct sensation of tapping and pulsing. It felt like there were little elves in my knee, mending my medial cruciate ligament with mallets. Afterwards we chatted about our various experiences, hugged and parted ways til next time.

My knee has been good as new, and I’ve been back on the courts whenever the weather allows. I have been so grateful for the deep and subtle impact of Reiki on my life, and this was yet another reminder that anything is possible.

Thanks to everyone in the MRC community for helping to create these experiences. Thanks to Stephanie for her beautiful presence and ongoing support. Thanks to Dave for making the drive in to share with us. Thanks to Marcin for feeling safe enough to join us despite potential obstacles, and for the wonderful Reiki. And thanks to Neale for the use of his space, and taking time out to document our event.

Feeling blessed.

Yet Another Reiki Miracle | Midwest Reiki Community

LEFT: Gathering to chat about our experiences after the share. RIGHT: Stephanie shares Reiki with first time MRC Reiki Share attendee, Dave.


One comment on “Yet Another Reiki Miracle

  1. I love hearing such great stories about Reiki 🙂 There’s the extant research and figurative libraries of anecdotal evidence, but when practitioners and recipients share their Reiki stories – almost like their “testimony” of Reiki – it really comes alive. Thanks for sharing!

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