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Reiki Basics


Reiki is an amazing energy that brings healing, transformation and empowerment to those who choose it. It awakens and deepens the channels of healing, love, and light that are inside each and every one of us.

On a scientific level it is a holistic healing system that research has shown increases the white blood cell count, helps to alleviate both chronic and acute physical pain, and also to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, insomnia, and other emotional and physical ailments.


Before you can start changing the world with Reiki, you need a little help to get you started. That’s done with an attunement — a process by which a Master-level teacher facilitates the connection with the Reiki energy source to a student via a series of special hand positions and breathing techniques as they act as a conduit for the energetic connection.

Global Reiki Communities honors all lineages and traditions of those practicing Reiki. While teachers and techniques vary, in the Western Reiki system in which the founders of the GRC were trained, there are four levels of attunement each of which provide additional knowledge, energy and symbols which the practitioner can use to enhance treatments.


Here’s a high-level overview of what you can expect at each attunement level:

In a level 1 workshop you’ll start with the basics, learning the history of Reiki and the latest science behind it. After being taught the standard hand positions, you’ll receive the first level of Reiki attunment which enables you to give yourself and anyone else Reiki for the rest of your life.

Reiki 2 brings with it a new level of healing and transformation. The Level 2 attunement greatly increases your ability to channel Reiki energy and also allows you to start sending the Reiki through space and time. This means that you can send Reiki to loved ones you are not in physical contact with and also that you can send Reiki both back and forward in time to yourself and others. You are able to send Reiki back to those moments of trauma or fear, back to those spaces inside of you that need your healing. You are able to send Reiki forward to your creations and ideas. After the level 2 training and teachings you can send Reiki to any and every space inside and outside of you. In order to help you do this you will also learn 3 of the Reiki symbols: the power symbol, emotional symbol, and the long distance symbol and you will be shown more ways to use them. This level brings with it a powerful year of transformation and growth, opening you up to all the amazing possibilities that your life has to offer you.

The access to Reiki is increased and the student learns how to do a technique called Psychic Surgery, which is a technique that allows the practitioner to remove blockages at a root level. How to make a Crystal Reiki Grid is also learned. This Grid allows Reiki to be sent to a multitude of people and thoughts continuously. Finally the Master level Symbol is taught and activated in the student’s aura and palms.

Once again the access to the amount of Reiki channeled is increased. The student is taught how to do attunements, or how to give other people the gift of Reiki. Insight on teaching Reiki is given and the two Teacher Symbols are learned and practiced. The Teacher Symbols are activated in the student’s aura and palms.


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